Annah Kessler

Annah Kessler

Designer + Boxing instructor


Home to Work

I use my commute more as a meditation/zone out session. It's the only time of the day I don't have to talk/listen to anyone or DO anything.


I'm on the creative team at Shadowbox, we work out of wework. We make so much shit happen in this little office— there's just 4 of us. I love it,  I love the people I get to work with and I love what I do.

Shadowbox NY

I teach boxing fitness classes at the gym. On any given day I'll have 1-3 classes to teach, running back and forth from the dumbo office to the gym, showering and changing clothes multiple times per day. It can be a bit hectic but it excites me!

Sangha Yoga Shala

I've been practicing yoga at Sangha since I moved to NYC, it's my happy place and has kept me going strong in this crazy city.

Sunac natural foods

I never properly grocery shop, that's how I know I'm not an adult yet. The grocery store is right above the subway stop close to my apartment, so I hop in multiple times a day and grab what I feel like eating at that moment in time.

Cameron Perrins

Cameron Perrins



Heading to work

My house! Got my work uniform and ready to head to work.

At work

At work planning recipes, cooking breakfast and lunch for the local customers and making cakes and desserts for the dinner kitchen team!

The Rock and waterfall location

Went out with friends for a day of swimming and exploring the Gold Coast, enjoying the sun and to be honest, couldn't stop talking about the bag and how great it actually is! Always thinking about new Vegan and Vegetarian meals I can create and ways to create delicious meals, here's something I cooked myself.

Doma Cafe

On the way to The Doma Cafe, a japanese run cafe in the middle of a place called Federal, a deserted country town near Bangalow NSW. I heard about this place from my head chef at pearl, she told me to visit on my way down the coast for a road trip to Sydney. The food was lovely, a Haloumi Cheese burger with Asian flavours like coriander and a miso relish, gave me some great ideas i wrote down in my diary that was in my bag.


Emily Clarke

Emily Clarke



Home to School

As part of a project for my Fine Art college course I was set the exam title: ‘Truth, Fiction and Fantasy.’ Here we are meant to explore beyond the stereotypes of the words and seek into an interesting and controversial project. This adventure was a spontaneous embarkment that was decided within a day and by the next we was on a plane to Amsterdam. Here I wanted to question and examine the fantasy of Amsterdam with the reality, if you would ‘truth’, of the city. The legalization of certain illegal attributes within practically all other countries around the world is something that attracts almost all of the tourists. I wanted to see for myself not only these glorified elements but the other details that are gone unaccounted for and less appreciated. Such as the architecture, history, lifestyle, atmosphere and general appearance and scenery that Amsterdam has to give. 

Listening to: artist: PEACE album: IN LOVE


Listening to The Balcony by Catfish and the Bottlemen.

Favorite places in Amsterdam

Listening to the sound of the city and a lot of bicycle bells.

Thyuskamer Shop

Inside there were works of art, vintage clothes, handmade items such as little trinkets, bottled drinks as well as cakes and coffee  - a real range of things inside. It was down a side street, no more than two minutes from our hotel, and I absolutely fell in love with it. The woman, who I am guessing owned it, was so polite and greeted us - ‘welcome to my shop’. She seemed so proud of what she has achieved, as she should be.

Out & about

One of my favourite things about adventuring is going to little side street pubs, cafes, diners and being pleasantly surprised. It’s so great when you're paying next to nothing for local food and it turning out to be amazing. As soon as we got to Amsterdam we ventured ‘round the spiralling side streets and stumbled upon a pub named Tomaz. We ate outside underneath one of those large umbrellas and people watched as the world went by.


Some of the sketches whilst in Amsterdam. This book was handmade from some leather I had purchased awhile back. I binded enough sheets of paper to keep me going whilst there. Having a limited amount of time meant that I was only able to create fast sketches. Some were even done whilst on foot. I collected a variety of papers from train tickets, museum flyers and receipts so that I had a selection of surfaces to work on to. When I was home I was able to re create these drawing and take inspiration from them into larger scale, more detailed pieces of work.


Eric Ruiz

Eric Ruiz

LatAm Business Lead


Close to home

The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeing new sights, but in looking with new eyes." Marcel ProustComing back to NYC is incredible. It's an amazing city. But I fall in love with it time and time after I come back again.

São Paulo, Brazil

Listening to Good Morning, Kanye from my "Get Fucking Paid" playlist. I was listening to it while running around in Sao Paulo. It gets me pumped and gets me through the last few miles, even after I'm exhausted. What jet-lag?

Tower Bridge

I'm always amazed by hallowed ground, be it a historic bridge, church or state building. As I was running through London, it felt like I was running through time, gliding through centuries.

Work - Tel Aviv Waze Office

I love Israel. I don't have co-workers there, I have family. That's the sentiment I feel for everyone at Waze. Going to Israel is akin to coming home.

Shoreditch, London

Apparently, they day before I took this picture an artist had graffitied this entire tunnel. It's beautiful, and it looks like he did it with one long spray.

Sea of Galilee, Israel

My girlfriend is in California, ten hours behind me while I was in Israel. So I would wake up around 5am to catch her smile before she went to bed. Sure I was tired, jet-lagged, whatever. But I've lost sleep over work, school and travel. Losing sleep over a beautiful girl probably makes the most sense. I caught this sunrise an hour or so after I spoke to her. It made her feel close.

Camp Nou, Barcelona

Watching FC Barcelona play at the fabled Camp Nou is a dream come true. they play a mesmerizing football, one that preaches style over substance and team work over individual achievement. They have three of the best players in the world; Lionel Messi, Luis Suarez and Neymar. And they all play as one. Watching them put 6 past Celta that Sunday evening was a night I'll cherish forever and a memory I'll tell my grand children about.





Kory Westerhold

Kory Westerhold

Product Designer



This was actually my first morning with the pack, and I'd just gotten into my car to head to work. My wife & I live in Palo Alto, in an area called Barron Park—which is basically referred to as old Palo Alto, about a mile south of Stanford. I've been listening to the new St. Lucia record a lot, which is pretty 80s and upbeat, so between having that on and my new pack in the car with me—and the weather being absolutely gorgeous out on a mid-February day, I was feeling pretty good. :)


I actually just started at Facebook as a product designer about a month ago, which is at 1 Facebook Way in Melo Park. I'm still in the process of figuring out my rhythm there, which includes what I need to carry with me every having a bag that was super versatile like the Venture was great because I didn't have to worry about carrying to much (it holds a LOT) or too little (because it holds its form really well, even with just a handful of things in it).

Bluebottle coffee

When I have to time, I love swinging by the Bluebottle coffee in downtown Palo Alto. It's a beautiful location that sits inside an old remodeled Spanish mission and is SUPER inspiring. It's a great place to go, grab a coffee and get my head straight before I start my day at work.


I mentioned a bit about my home and where I live above, but these are just a handful from a normal morning at my house. I generally spend the morning catching up on news and social stuff (Twitter and Facebook) and spend a bit of time catching up on work stuff from my iPad Pro.


Martijn Daniel Nekoui

Martijn Daniel Nekoui

Fashion Creative Director


Achterburgwal Amsterdam

The dark blue This is Ground backpack arrived! I was so happy with it. I love all the details and extra pockets. Curating a new exhibition and searching for new talents.

Coffee & Coconut, Amsterdam

Working with Emilie on some new projects and listening to Major Lazer

Hutspot Amsterdam

Just a quick stop at Hutspot Amsterdam, where my best friend is the product and graphic designer. Hutspot sells a lot of nice brands, This is Ground would fit there perfectly – they LOVED the backpack! Brainstormed with Arjen on our own DJ-night.

The Little Mermaid, Copenhagen Denmark

Playing a tourist in Denmark – just for the weekend and everything I need is in my backpack. SIA album on repeat, it’s cold, but visiting a lot of museums and biking through Denmark is really great.

ACNE Flagship store, Denmark

Me, myself and I in the fitting room. When in Scandinavia, I MUST visit (and buy) ACNE. Still SIA on repeat.

Schiphol Airport, Amsterdam

Me and my mother on the airport. Going to Africa, Gambia for the first time and off course traveling with This is Ground. Going by plane, listening to Hurts and reading Jonathan Franzen.

Kotu Beach, Gambia, Africa

Chilling on the beach of Gambia. Reading Joris Luyendijk on the financial crisis on the beach, chilling with my mother and working of some new projects.

Hotel in Gambia, Africa

All packed for our flight home. Enjoying the last sunshine, before heading back to cloudy and cold Amsterdam, many more This is Ground backpack trips to come!





Nicole Potts

Nicole Potts



Fresh Pot Coffee

Getting some freelance graphic design work done!

Me Fitness

My absolute favorite yoga class.

The Moth by NPR

Went to see "Love Sucks" @ The Moth which is live stories and confessions.


Rina Nakano

Rina Nakano


Photographer / Translator

Ocean Walk

The beach is a huge key for my life and work - I spent more than 7 years in L.A./Long Beach which felt like home and then came back to Beppu, a city next to where I'm from. Though I'm over the counter culture-shock, I'm still not over the California homesickness. I've been working on some series of performances and photographs by the beach where it receives the sunset of California as the sunrise. The series will be uploaded here:

Inside venture bag, I put my Canon 6D, 2 radio transmitters, and and a notebook.

You can witness a lot of retro-cute shutter paintings in Beppu. I pass by this one every time I go to the nearest beach to take photographs. The line of hungry seagulls reminiscent of the shutter painting were waiting for me. Looking East, towards my second home L.A. Listening to West Coast by Coconut Records. 

Home to Museum to Cafe

In Beppu, riding bicycle is a popular way of getting around so many of us don't own a car unlike L.A. Today, my friends and I borrowed one from a friend and drove to the city next to Beppu - Oita, the prefecture capital. The road connecting Beppu and Oita is one of my favorites - it is sandwiched by the mountain and the sea.

In Oita, we checked out the contemporary art exhibition at the newly opened museum OPAM, borrowed some art books at a public library, and then back to Beppu to attend a music event at a cafe where the owner used to run a temporary coffees shop at a alternative space that I'm currently managing.

Here I am in front of the quirky Disney mural of the Catholic kindergarten right in front of my artist commune Kiyoshima apartment where 8 artists live together and work in their own studio. The inside garden of OPAM exhibits beautiful sculptural pieces by 3 artists in one space. The oval shaped light from the ceiling is just gorgeous. Listening to Something Higher by Ela Orleans. 


One of the former owner of the place I manage has her own restaurant/studio space now under the rail track with a beautiful natural light. A TV ad company asked her if they can shoot for propane gas commercial there with her acting as a cooking class teacher and me and my friends as students! (thus the pretty aprons)

I packed makeup pouch, some changes of clothes, etc.. the venture bag can take a lot! I love the low-key bomber tone. The catering lunch was prepared by the owner after the shoot for all the staff! Getting hair done for the shoot.Since everyone is getting hair and makeup done, I had my friends model for my venture bag. They love the soft touch of its leather. Listening to Runnin' Away by  Sly & The Family Stone.

Hotel Seikai

I tutor English once a week and my student and I usually go to different spots for fun. The hotel we went today had a beautiful panoramic view of the Beppu gulf, although it was pouring and grey. I pack my notebook, pens, and a wallet in the venture bag. I love how I can carry it to both casual and formal places so I can skip the choosing the bag process before going out the door.

Heading to the hotel in a car with my student. Enjoying an endless cup of coffee at a lobby in the hotel while tutoring Listening to God Knows(You Gotta Give to Get) by El Perro del Mar.