Annah Kessler

Designer + Boxing instructor


Home to Work

I use my commute more as a meditation/zone out session. It's the only time of the day I don't have to talk/listen to anyone or DO anything.


I'm on the creative team at Shadowbox, we work out of wework. We make so much shit happen in this little office— there's just 4 of us. I love it,  I love the people I get to work with and I love what I do.

Shadowbox NY

I teach boxing fitness classes at the gym. On any given day I'll have 1-3 classes to teach, running back and forth from the dumbo office to the gym, showering and changing clothes multiple times per day. It can be a bit hectic but it excites me!

Sangha Yoga Shala

I've been practicing yoga at Sangha since I moved to NYC, it's my happy place and has kept me going strong in this crazy city.

Sunac natural foods

I never properly grocery shop, that's how I know I'm not an adult yet. The grocery store is right above the subway stop close to my apartment, so I hop in multiple times a day and grab what I feel like eating at that moment in time.