Cameron Perrins



Heading to work

My house! Got my work uniform and ready to head to work.

At work

At work planning recipes, cooking breakfast and lunch for the local customers and making cakes and desserts for the dinner kitchen team!

The Rock and waterfall location

Went out with friends for a day of swimming and exploring the Gold Coast, enjoying the sun and to be honest, couldn't stop talking about the bag and how great it actually is! Always thinking about new Vegan and Vegetarian meals I can create and ways to create delicious meals, here's something I cooked myself.

Doma Cafe

On the way to The Doma Cafe, a japanese run cafe in the middle of a place called Federal, a deserted country town near Bangalow NSW. I heard about this place from my head chef at pearl, she told me to visit on my way down the coast for a road trip to Sydney. The food was lovely, a Haloumi Cheese burger with Asian flavours like coriander and a miso relish, gave me some great ideas i wrote down in my diary that was in my bag.