Emily Clarke



Home to School

As part of a project for my Fine Art college course I was set the exam title: ‘Truth, Fiction and Fantasy.’ Here we are meant to explore beyond the stereotypes of the words and seek into an interesting and controversial project. This adventure was a spontaneous embarkment that was decided within a day and by the next we was on a plane to Amsterdam. Here I wanted to question and examine the fantasy of Amsterdam with the reality, if you would ‘truth’, of the city. The legalization of certain illegal attributes within practically all other countries around the world is something that attracts almost all of the tourists. I wanted to see for myself not only these glorified elements but the other details that are gone unaccounted for and less appreciated. Such as the architecture, history, lifestyle, atmosphere and general appearance and scenery that Amsterdam has to give. 

Listening to: artist: PEACE album: IN LOVE


Listening to The Balcony by Catfish and the Bottlemen.

Favorite places in Amsterdam

Listening to the sound of the city and a lot of bicycle bells.

Thyuskamer Shop

Inside there were works of art, vintage clothes, handmade items such as little trinkets, bottled drinks as well as cakes and coffee  - a real range of things inside. It was down a side street, no more than two minutes from our hotel, and I absolutely fell in love with it. The woman, who I am guessing owned it, was so polite and greeted us - ‘welcome to my shop’. She seemed so proud of what she has achieved, as she should be.

Out & about

One of my favourite things about adventuring is going to little side street pubs, cafes, diners and being pleasantly surprised. It’s so great when you're paying next to nothing for local food and it turning out to be amazing. As soon as we got to Amsterdam we ventured ‘round the spiralling side streets and stumbled upon a pub named Tomaz. We ate outside underneath one of those large umbrellas and people watched as the world went by.


Some of the sketches whilst in Amsterdam. This book was handmade from some leather I had purchased awhile back. I binded enough sheets of paper to keep me going whilst there. Having a limited amount of time meant that I was only able to create fast sketches. Some were even done whilst on foot. I collected a variety of papers from train tickets, museum flyers and receipts so that I had a selection of surfaces to work on to. When I was home I was able to re create these drawing and take inspiration from them into larger scale, more detailed pieces of work.