Kory Westerhold

Product Designer



This was actually my first morning with the pack, and I'd just gotten into my car to head to work. My wife & I live in Palo Alto, in an area called Barron Park—which is basically referred to as old Palo Alto, about a mile south of Stanford. I've been listening to the new St. Lucia record a lot, which is pretty 80s and upbeat, so between having that on and my new pack in the car with me—and the weather being absolutely gorgeous out on a mid-February day, I was feeling pretty good. :)


I actually just started at Facebook as a product designer about a month ago, which is at 1 Facebook Way in Melo Park. I'm still in the process of figuring out my rhythm there, which includes what I need to carry with me every day...so having a bag that was super versatile like the Venture was great because I didn't have to worry about carrying to much (it holds a LOT) or too little (because it holds its form really well, even with just a handful of things in it).

Bluebottle coffee

When I have to time, I love swinging by the Bluebottle coffee in downtown Palo Alto. It's a beautiful location that sits inside an old remodeled Spanish mission and is SUPER inspiring. It's a great place to go, grab a coffee and get my head straight before I start my day at work.


I mentioned a bit about my home and where I live above, but these are just a handful from a normal morning at my house. I generally spend the morning catching up on news and social stuff (Twitter and Facebook) and spend a bit of time catching up on work stuff from my iPad Pro.