Rina Nakano


Photographer / Translator

Ocean Walk

The beach is a huge key for my life and work - I spent more than 7 years in L.A./Long Beach which felt like home and then came back to Beppu, a city next to where I'm from. Though I'm over the counter culture-shock, I'm still not over the California homesickness. I've been working on some series of performances and photographs by the beach where it receives the sunset of California as the sunrise. The series will be uploaded here: nakanorina.com

Inside venture bag, I put my Canon 6D, 2 radio transmitters, and and a notebook.

You can witness a lot of retro-cute shutter paintings in Beppu. I pass by this one every time I go to the nearest beach to take photographs. The line of hungry seagulls reminiscent of the shutter painting were waiting for me. Looking East, towards my second home L.A. Listening to West Coast by Coconut Records. 

Home to Museum to Cafe

In Beppu, riding bicycle is a popular way of getting around so many of us don't own a car unlike L.A. Today, my friends and I borrowed one from a friend and drove to the city next to Beppu - Oita, the prefecture capital. The road connecting Beppu and Oita is one of my favorites - it is sandwiched by the mountain and the sea.

In Oita, we checked out the contemporary art exhibition at the newly opened museum OPAM, borrowed some art books at a public library, and then back to Beppu to attend a music event at a cafe where the owner used to run a temporary coffees shop at a alternative space that I'm currently managing.

Here I am in front of the quirky Disney mural of the Catholic kindergarten right in front of my artist commune Kiyoshima apartment where 8 artists live together and work in their own studio. The inside garden of OPAM exhibits beautiful sculptural pieces by 3 artists in one space. The oval shaped light from the ceiling is just gorgeous. Listening to Something Higher by Ela Orleans. 


One of the former owner of the place I manage has her own restaurant/studio space now under the rail track with a beautiful natural light. A TV ad company asked her if they can shoot for propane gas commercial there with her acting as a cooking class teacher and me and my friends as students! (thus the pretty aprons)

I packed makeup pouch, some changes of clothes, etc.. the venture bag can take a lot! I love the low-key bomber tone. The catering lunch was prepared by the owner after the shoot for all the staff! Getting hair done for the shoot.Since everyone is getting hair and makeup done, I had my friends model for my venture bag. They love the soft touch of its leather. Listening to Runnin' Away by  Sly & The Family Stone.

Hotel Seikai

I tutor English once a week and my student and I usually go to different spots for fun. The hotel we went today had a beautiful panoramic view of the Beppu gulf, although it was pouring and grey. I pack my notebook, pens, and a wallet in the venture bag. I love how I can carry it to both casual and formal places so I can skip the choosing the bag process before going out the door.

Heading to the hotel in a car with my student. Enjoying an endless cup of coffee at a lobby in the hotel while tutoring Listening to God Knows(You Gotta Give to Get) by El Perro del Mar.